Warriors love story 1

Hi! I just did this for fun, and I hope you like it. It's a love story about a bunch of cats that are in a book series called "Warriors," and if you didn't do so already, read it. You won't understand a thing if you don't,so yeah. Thank you so much for coming onto my site!

Okay, so this is only for girls, and in this,you are a silver bengal cat named Sweetpaw. You have to answer the quiz questions to find out what cat you like, but you already probably knows this, soooo... Anyway, thank you so much for coming onto my site, and please comment. Thanks!😊

Created by: Raven

  1. You are a kit in the nursery, and you wake up one morning to find Icekit staring at you. "Hi Sweetkit! Do you want to go outside?" He says. How do you react?
  2. When you went outside, your other denmates Sunkit, Pebblekit, Duskkit, and Jaykit were playing mossball. "Join us!" They all say. Who do you go to?
  3. It is finally the apprentice ceromony, and your mentor is Starlingheart.She asks Duskpaw and his mentor to join them on touring the territory. What do you think to yourself?
  4. You are tired after a long day of touring, and when you get back home, you head for the fresh kill pile. Sunpaw comes up to you and asks "Do you want to share a rabbit with me?" How do you respond?
  5. When you are done eating, you decide to go for a walk by the lake in the moonlight. You want someone to come with you,so you ask...
  6. The next morning, you wake to the sound of screeching cats. Your mentor Starlingheart bursts into the apprentices den, panting. She has a torn ear and a long gash on her flank. "Windclan attack." She explains. Your reaction is...
  7. Jaypaw rushes over to you and presses his muzzle to yours. "Are you okay?" You respond by saying...
  8. All of you huddled together in the corner of the den, waiting for the fighting to end. Pebblepaw softly says to you, "After this is over, would you like to hunt with me?" You say...
  9. Pawsteps suddenly thrummed against the den, making the whole thing shudder. Then, a paw ripped the den in half and theenn... CLIFFHANGER!
  10. Did you like it? (Don't forget to comment!)

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