The Catcher in The Rye

Only true catcher in the rye can pass this test. This books is about a lonely kid is kicked out of school, but he doesn't care too much. He'd rather worry about where the ducks go in winter. He later goes to New York City, and he tries hard to ''get the time'' but apparently he has no real pimping skills. All the girls walk away on his phony attitude.

Are you a true catcher in the rye? prove yourself by taking this challenging quiz that will challenge your intellectual power. This will test if you really read the book and paid close attention to the small details that make this story part of our culture. This book has brought influence to many writers, and movie directors.

Created by: Holden
  1. I think everyone is ?
  2. Where am I when I start telling my story?
  3. Mr. Spencer was a teacher of mine in what school?
  4. Why did Holden return home early?
  5. Why does the fencing club hate me?
  6. Ackley is a slob while Stradlater is...?
  7. Jane Gallagher likes to .... the queens in checkers
  8. What animal of Cenrtal Park's Lake worries me during winter time?
  9. What do I find to be awkward in Edmont Hotel?
  10. What did I give the nuns that later brought remorse?
  11. Why is the Museum of Natural History so amusing?
  12. One vice that I enjoy is...
  13. Why does Holden want to be the catcher in the rye?
  14. Mr. Antoni is weird beacause...
  15. Stadlater thinks my composition is stupid because I wrote about...
  16. What does Mr. Spencer lecture me on?
  17. What kinds of emotions came when I saw phoebe go around the carousel?

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