Catcher in the rye Quiz

There are so many people who think they are geniuses but who knows. Many people feel that there minds are more clever than anybody elses but i personally think that everyone is smart in there own way

do you think that you are a real genius? do you have the knowledge to complete and pass this quiz? If you have no clue find out for yourself and take this quiz. After the quiz you will find out how you did.

Created by: Ray
  1. Who is the main character in this book?
  2. Who is Holdons ex girlfriend?
  3. What teacher does holdon go say goodbye to after he gets expeled from school?
  4. Who wrote Catcher in the Rye?
  5. Who was holdons Roomate?
  6. Why did Holdon get angry with Stradlater?
  7. How old was Holdon?
  8. Where does Jane live?
  9. Who is holdons faviorate teacher?
  10. Who is Pheobe

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