How Well Do You Know Your Chowser?

Genevieve is exceptional. Former city-planner, professor emerita of art history at Hunter College, and official mouse-catcher of West 80th Street, she is genuinely nonpareil in the feline world. Her front paws are perfect; her back paws are even better. Her ears are bald and sensitive. Her whiskers are keen. Truly I tell you, Genevieve is an extraordinary cat.

But how well do you know Mrs. Perkins? Can you name her favorite treats? How many white spots does she sport? What really happened during all those years she spent abroad? What was her dissertation topic, and who died during its defense? Take this quiz and find out.

Created by: Laura

  1. What is Genevieve's middle name?
  2. What color is Genevieve's nametag?
  3. What is Genevieve's greatest fear?
  4. Where are Genevieve's white spots?
  5. In which denomination is Genevieve ordained?
  6. Which foreign public transit system did Genevieve re-design?
  7. Who is Genevieve supporting in California's Democratic primary next month?
  8. From which Ivy League university did Genevieve receive her PhD?
  9. Which of the following disasters was Genevieve NOT responsible for?
  10. Why is Genevieve so wicked?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Chowser?