Do You Know The DOG?

Do you know what the Doggie History takes on? There are few people that know how to run through this test without thinking it's ruff or not going on four - paws! Can you?

Are you doggone smart? Well, with this ruff test, you can try your bark! Do you already know the basics, or are you just graduatting from Obedience School?

Created by: Bailee
  1. The smallest dog on record could fit in a tea cup. What breed was this tiny pooch?
  2. The tallest canine, when standing on two feet, reached over his owner's head - around 7.6". What doggone monster was that?
  3. The oldest dog, named Bluey, lived to be 29 years old and 5 monthes. What elderly pup led that life?
  4. When should you start training or fitting a pup into habits?
  5. Why do dogs usually eat and/or chew on grass?
  6. Dogs are big cousins to the....
  7. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. True or False?
  8. All dogs shed. True or False?
  9. There is a color for dogs called "blue." True or False?
  10. Dogs are known to get Hip Displasia, but some dog breeds are more prone to it than others. What's one dog breed named below that is known to get it more often than others (even though all dogs can get it.)
  11. Bloat can be fatal. Big - chest dogs can get it easier than smaller ones. True or False?

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