Test your dog smarts!

The Dog -- cute, cuddly, furry. But there is so much more to these canine creatures, than meets the eyes. How much do you really know about man's best friend? Take this quiz to find out!!!

Test your knowledge by taking this "ruff" quiz. Study hard? If you pass the quiz, give yourself a treat. At the end you'll find out why. You may be surprised at your score! Have a doggone good time doing it!

Created by: Joanne

  1. What color is a West Highland White Terrior?
  2. When is it a good time for puppies to leave home?
  3. What dogs are used for the K-9 unit of the police?
  4. Which is the most non-allergenic breed of dog?
  5. The Westie is a cousin of the....
  6. Who is a dog expert? (on National Geographic)
  7. For hair dogs grooming is...
  8. When is it good to clean up after your dog in the park? (and on walks)
  9. A good rule of obedience training is...
  10. Which Dogs are used by the fire department?
  11. Which dogs are used to sniff out contriban? (smuggled animals)

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