how well do you know guardians of ga'hoole?

you may read that awesome book series,guardians of ga'hoole,but do you think you have the smarts to become a guardian with that info,or would you just stay in chaws?find out with my test!

come find out if you have the smarts of ga'hoole to make Boron,Barran,and Ezylryb proud!after all,you don't want to fail and stay in chaws...or make Barran angry.well,quit readin' and get on with the test!

Created by: sorentheowl
  1. all right,i'm starting you out easy.what is book 1 called?
  2. what type of snake is Octavia?
  3. in what book does coryn reveal to soren what nyra truly is?
  4. bonus:is twilight the biggest owl in the world?
  5. what is graymalken?
  6. which owl does not exist?
  7. what is owl diarrhea called?
  8. what is a young owl called?
  9. what is a young owl who just hatched called?
  10. a sliptween is...
  11. what is owlipoppen?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know guardians of ga'hoole?