how well do you know jay from fetch with ruff ruffman

alot of people know about jay from the t.v. show fetch with ruff ruffman. But do you really know as much about him as you think you do. Then if you want to find out then take this very simple quiz.

Do you think you know about jay from fetch with ruff ruffman. Do you really think you know everything there is to know about jay??? Well if you want to find out you can in just a few minutes just by taking this quiz, and you can find out how nuch you really know about this hot guy!!

Created by: josie

  1. What is jay's last name
  2. what season was jay featured on
  3. what sports does jay play
  4. what is jays dads name
  5. what two pets does jay want to have
  6. how old was jay when he was on the show
  7. what instrument does jay play
  8. on the show fetch with ruff ruffman which contestant did he switch lifes with for a day
  9. on the show fetch with ruff ruffman when he was learning about beauty, he had to cut hair on a V.I.P. Who was the V.I.P
  10. what is the wierdest food jay has eaten
  11. what color is jays eyes
  12. jay also does karate, what color belt does he have

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Quiz topic: How well do I know jay from fetch with ruff ruffman