How well do you know Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman

Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman is about a crazy, orange dog that hosts a reality game show with six contestants doing a bunch of cool stuff. It's a really cool show. The contestants learn about science and literature while they have fun. They cook delicious food, meet other people. In fact, on one episode, they travel back in time. It's so much fun.

I love Fetch! so much that I want to be on the show. But in the meantime, I watch all of the episodes so much, that I know this entire show inside out and upside down. Do you? In a few minutes and in 30 questions, you'll find out if you are a Fetch! maniac or if you need to go to Fetch! school.

Created by: Maya
  1. How many children can be contestants on Fetch! per season?
  2. What is the name of Ruff's assistant in Season 2?
  3. What was the year that the Season 1 kids traveled back in time to?
  4. Out of both seasons, how many contestants had braces?
  5. What type of animal is Ruff (this should be easy)?
  6. In Season 1, which contestant was at the Comedy Connection?
  7. Who won Season 1?
  8. In Season 2, who was the youngest contestant?
  9. In Season 2, who won an MP3 player from Ruff?
  10. Whose grandpa played as Aaron Carter in a music video in Season 1?
  11. In Season 2, what did Bridget and Madi name the four cats?
  12. In Season 2, where did Nina and Rosario go to make gumbo?
  13. Who sister appeared on Fetch! in Season 1?
  14. In Season 1, what was Anna's job in the mission?
  15. Who won Season 2?
  16. What does the "G" stand for in Studio G?
  17. How old was Anna in Season 1?
  18. In Season 2, which three contestants were the Blue Team?
  19. In Season 1, which contestant has been on ZOOM?
  20. What is Ruff's favorite food?
  21. Is Ruff overweight?
  22. In Season 1, who was the youngest contestant?
  23. Which two contestants made chocolate candies?
  24. In Season 1, a star was named after who?
  25. In Season 2, who met The Blue Man Group?
  26. Who cooked the garlic lemon shrimp and chicken angel hair pasta in Season 1?
  27. What was the name of the dog that Ruff had a crush on?
  28. Who stole the grand prize in Season 2?
  29. What was the grand prize in Season 1?
  30. Where does Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman film?

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