Are You a Cat or a Dog?

Which is better, cat or dog? Well, it depends what YOU are, probably. Are you sleek and mysterious? How about loyal and energetic? Would you rather play fetch, or wait to go to the bathroom right after your litter box is cleaned (right in front your owner)? Not sure? Take this quiz to find out, then.

It's fun, possibly witty (I'm actually not quite sure), and that's about it. ^*_*^ If you can't tell, (and you probably can't) it's supposed to be a cat. (*.*)Hmm. My dog-making skills need some work too.

Created by: Alexandra
  1. Would you describe yourself as slightly selfish or very unselfish?
  2. Are you active or lazy?
  3. Which is tastier?
  4. Pick a breed.
  5. Do you think slits for pupils are creepy (on animals)?
  6. Are you graceful and elegant or bumbling and clumsy?
  7. Would you rather play fetch or sleep on your owner's lap?
  8. Would you rather be a cat or a dog?
  9. Pink nose or black nose?
  10. Noticable whiskers?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Cat or a Dog?