What do you know about Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is my home province. I am challenging you all to see how much you know about this diamond in the ruff. Be careful. This quiz is 'ruff'. Are you scared? Are you up for the challenge? Come on, I dare ya...

So, do you think you have what it takes to become a Nova Scotian? Prove it! Come on chicken, bawk bawk bawk...I'm waiting..... Just go ahead and prove to the world that you know obscure things about an obscure place.

Created by: Abbe
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  1. What is another term for a Nova Scotian?
  2. What people did the British forcibly expel from Nova Scotia in 1755?
  3. What is the capital city of Nova Scotia?
  4. What was the unemployment rate in Nova Scotia as of September 2006? (it dipped below the national average)
  5. What does Nova Scotia mean and who did King James I of England grant the land to in 1621?
  6. What is a geographical term often used to describe mainland Nova Scotia?
  7. As of 2006, what is the population of Nova Scotia?
  8. Who is the current premier of Nova Scotia?
  9. What are Halifax's (Nova Scotia's capital in case you didn't get it before)two sister cities?
  10. What is the island that is attached to the mainland of Nova Scotia?
  11. What is a language commonly spoken amongst the people of this Island?
  12. What type of animal is running wild on Sable Island?
  13. Who was the first premier of the colony of Nova Scotia (before Confederation)?
  14. Who was the first Premier of Nova Scotia after Confederation?
  15. What year did Nova Scotia enter the Confederation?
  16. What is Nova Scotia's official tree?
  17. What is Nova Scotia's official flower?
  18. What is Nova Scotia's official bird?
  19. What does Nova Scotia's Coat of Arms motto: "Munit haec et altera vincit" mean?

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