the catcher in the rye

this is a quiz with some hard question but most a overall easy. if you get all questions right you are a true genius. dont expect to get every question correct but you should get them mostly right.

You should get at least an 90 on this but understand you will have fun and thank you for taking my quiz. In just a couple of timeless minutes you could take thins quiz and become smarter. Take it a couple of more time and you will know stuff you didnâ??t know before about this book.

Created by: bryan
  1. Who is the author?
  2. Who is the main Character
  3. What year was this book published?
  4. where is Holden in the beginning of the book?(before he leaves for new york)
  5. Who is the brother that is part if the MIT?
  6. what period of time does this book take place in?
  7. when Holden Sets off on his adventure, how old is he?
  8. Who is the source of the books title?
  9. How did Allie Die?
  10. What does Holdens name represent

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