A Guinea Pig's Moment: Part Two (still only for girls)

Okay! So this is pretty much exactly like the other one. Your old mate died, and now you're looking for a new one. Based on your reactions to each bit of the story, I will choose a new perfect fit. And below is dedication information.

The first book, I think I forgot to say, was dedicated to my friend Mallory. Something similar to the fight and blackout I mentioned happened to her. Also, the whole series is dedicated to ghettobabe4ever, whose compliments have taken my breath away and also encouraged me to keep writing.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. Sad, you walk down the street in black. Suddenly you run into a vaguely familiar boar. It's your old friend, Travis, from elementary school. "Hey, Travis!" you say, excited. "Hey!! I didn't expect to see you around these parts!" he squeals. (Get it? Guinea pigs squeal a lot and... oh, forget it.) "I know!" "But what's with the black? Mourning or something?" "FYI, I just mated a short while ago," His smile fades slightly.
  2. "And he died shortly after." He brightens up again. "Oh! I don't mean to... but you know.. it's just that... I just mean... I don't mean to smile, but *slight schoolboy giggle* I really liked you elementary school, and I've ALWAYS liked you since then." Your mouth is open in amazement. "For... real?" you ask, remembering the old elementary days where you wondered if he loved you, yet you were sure he didn't. "Oh! It's just that... *even more in-love-sounding giggle than Travis's*." "I get it," he says, smiling down with a heart-warming smile that almost makes YOU die. "Oh, Travis, how I've missed you."
  3. "Well, I'd better be going," Travis states with a regretful sigh. You go, too. Then, you turn into the herb store (like a drugstore for guinea pigs) and greet the super-kind herbest (get it?) boar. His name is Filmore. He teases a lot. Even himself. "Hey, I don't think you look as good with a black coloration!" he states, laughing. You blush slightly. Okay, he's nice... and annoying at times. Suddenly you see how hard one of your frenemies is laughing and you turn on him with a death glare. He blushes and looks worried. "Right, then. Listen, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that." "I forgive you," you say, then burst out laughing.
  4. With a sigh, you leave. Sometimes you just don't get those boars!!! As you near your house, you see yet another boar! (Sorry, I need at least three results!) It's Jeffrey, a good friend of yours. "Hey, Jeff!" you call. "Polly! Hi!" he calls back. "No wonder no one was answering." "Come in," you insist. "I'd love to," he says and smiles suspiciously.
  5. As soon as you get in, he smiles and says, "I heard your mate died. I'm sorry." "It's alright... he--he lived his life." "Well, I just wanted to invite you over to my house tonight, at midnight." "Oh! Um.. I'll see if I can be there!" "Okay, love." He blushes. You blush, too and say, "Bye, Jeff. See you later, maybe." "Bye, Polly, dear. I hope to see you later." When he closes the door, you start to relax, but his invitation keeps running through your head.
  6. You don't go. (I'm sure all of you are thinking PHEW!!!!!) You're too busy pondering if you should mate again, and if you should, who you should mate. *Bang, bang* the door pounds. "Ugh!" you groan. You open the door and see someone in a black coat (If you've seen Scrooge, the live-action movie he looked like that only a guinea pig.) "I think you're lost," you studder. "The cemetery is down the road and to your left... and it's past Scrooge's time." He starts to come in and you slam the door. "Polly!!" called Jeffery's voice. "It's midnight and you didn't come." "I never said I would for sure!" you call back. "But-- I've got something to ask you!" he calls, sounding like a pleading three-year-old who's trying to come up with a reason for not taking his nap. "What is it?" you ask as you fling the door open. "Well, this is a terrible situation for it, but... will you do me the honor of being my mate?" "I was hoping she'd do it for me," comes Travis's voice. "Or perhaps me," Filmore says calmly. "Oh, boys... I...." you start. "This is a hard decision."
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