Would you be a good guinea pig owner?

Guinea pigs are awesome pets. This quiz will test your guinea pig knowledge. To care for a guinea pig, you must know a lot about them! I currently have two female guinea pigs. It is so fun to interact with them. It isn't hard to take care of guinea pigs

This quiz is good if you're interested in getting a guinea pig as a pet. Have fun, I hope you like my quiz. Please rate it if you enjoyed it!!!!! (Gotoquiz is an awesome site)

Created by: Kay Northe
  1. What should you feed your guinea pig?
  2. Should your guinea pig live by itself?
  3. Should you take your guinea pig outside?
  4. What do you do if your guinea pig is sick?
  5. Let's say you bought 2 guinea pigs and brought them home. What do you do now?
  6. What kind of hay should you feed a guinea pig?
  7. What foods should you not feed a guinea pig?
  8. How should you hold a guinea pig?
  9. How much should you interact with your guinea pig? (And how?)
  10. Easy question! How much love does a guinea pig need?

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