Are You A Guinea Pig Expert?

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There are many Guinea Pig Owners in the world. But not many are Guinea Pig Experts. Take this Quiz to find out are you a Guinea Pig Expert.

Do you think you are a Guinea Pig Expert take this quiz to find out in a few minutes you will know if you are a Expert on Guinea Pigs or if you need to study more.

Created by: Destiny
  1. Where did Guinea Pigs come from
  2. When did the first Guinea Pig go into space?
  3. How many sounds do Guinea Pigs make?
  4. Whats the best cage for a Guinea Pig
  5. Which Guinea Pig has Long Hair
  6. What is the minimum size for one Guinea Pig?
  7. What should you feed your Guinea Pig?
  8. How Many teeth do Guinea Pigs Have?
  9. How many toes does the Guinea Pig have in total?
  10. What can't the Guinea Pig produce?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Guinea Pig Expert?