Do you Know everything about guinea pigs?

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There are many people who say they know about guinea pigs but do they really? Guinea pigs are cute critters and need to be taken care of. Did you know that???

Do you Know everything about guinea pigs? Do you deserve to own one??? Nobody will know until you take this awesome quiz!!! Have Fun and get everything correct!

Created by: Guinea pig girl
  1. What kind of treats do you feed your guinea pig?
  2. What kind of toys do you give your guinea pig?
  3. What does it mean when your guinea pig screams?
  4. If you have a long haired guinea pig, how often do you have to brush it?
  5. What is a severe medical problems that happen to the feet?
  6. What is a food a guinea pig can not eat?
  7. Are guinea pigs nocturnal?
  8. When your guinea pig makes a "Drr" noise what does that mean?
  9. Can guinea pigs go in excercise wheels and balls?
  10. Can you keep your guinea pig around other pets?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know everything about guinea pigs?