which one of my guinea pigs are you most like

There are many people you love guinea pigs. but only a few people adore guinea pigs. what is a guinea pig lover? a guinea pig lover is someone who thinks guinea pigs are cute and knows alot about guineapigs.

Have you ever thought what guinea pig you are most like. well now you can find out. just take this quiz and you will find out which one of guinea pigs you are most like.

Created by: erin
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  1. Do you like food
  2. Do you like dogs?
  3. Do you like long haired guinea pigs?
  4. Do you like albino guinea pigs?
  5. do you prefur grey or ginger guinea pigs?
  6. do you like rare looking guinea pigs?
  7. do you like Curly kale?
  8. do you think guinea pigs are cute?
  9. Are guinea pigs great
  10. Do you like brown guinea pigs?

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Quiz topic: Which one of my guinea pigs am I most like