What do you know about Guinea Pigs?

This quiz is to test if you know enough about guinea pigs to make a good guinea pig owner. If you own or think of owning guinea pigs it might help you decide if your ready for them or still have a lot to learn!

It might be smart to first do research on the following websites before taking this test: guinealynx.info and cavycages.com Good luck, I hope you get a good score!

Created by: Fay
  1. How old do guinea pigs get on average?
  2. What is the correct cage size for two guinea pigs? (The inner, use-able dimensions)
  3. What diet do guinea pigs need?
  4. What are the best 3 bedding options for your guinea pigs?
  5. What is the best way for your guinea pig to get their Vitamin C?
  6. Where can you best house your guinea pigs?
  7. What is the best treatment out of these options against Mites?
  8. How many guinea pigs should you have? and what is the best combinations to get?
  9. Which of these animals can be housed with guinea pigs?
  10. Who would make the best owner for guinea pigs?
  11. Do guinea pigs need a running wheel?
  12. Where should you get Guinea pigs?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about Guinea Pigs?