Are you too bossy for me?

Some people are big bossy pigs, and others get bossed around 24/7 without even knowing it. My quiz will tell you which kind you are, are are you maybe just perfect.

So, Are you bossy? Answer these questions truthfully, and you'll find out! I am a little bossy myself...And if you are reading this, thank you! Most people don't read paragraphs(I must admit, I don't).

Created by: Sara Wilkins of this site
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  1. Do you like to be in charge?
  2. You are hiking in the woods with your best friend. Your friend wants to take the river trail. You want to take the golden swan hike. You...
  3. In school you need to do a book report with 2 other people. The first words you say are...
  4. You are running a summer movie group. You end up being the...
  5. More about the movie. Lets say you chose your friend to write the script. What advice do you give her?
  6. If she forgot to put in a part about finding a gold chain (and you wanted that part in it!) you would...
  7. No more about the movie. Would you like to be a teacher?
  8. Would you like to be a servant?
  9. You are working with a friend on a project. Who gets more work to do?
  10. Can you usually get people to do what you want?

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Quiz topic: Am I too bossy for me?