Jungle Explorers: Part Four

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Okay, this ending is terrifying, so if you cant handle it, leave. Kidding! It's okay. Nothing bad happens. Well... shoutouts come next, I guess. ghettobabe4ever, once again, thank you for everything.

And Ericat, even though I doubt you'll ever read my series, it's dedicated to you. You've written a great story so far, with Second Love and Christie's Story. And BTW, the picture is Michael and Abigail hugging when Abigail feels abandoned. (Learn about it in the story.)

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. **Serpent Love** "You are the daughter of a very rich king. He sent you to foster parents because he felt unable to raise a child. But all the people knew. It's--- it's ransom," I say, almost sobbing. "So it's-it's not like I'm an ordinary girl doing nothing?" "No. No." "Aaaaaaauuuugghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!" she shrieks. "That was my life! I grew up the poorest in my school! I suffered more than you could know! And he.... he didn't want me." She sobs for an hour. The boys come rushing down the hill. "We heard a scream," Xavier states. "And came to- came t-to..." he pauses, seeing me. "Oh! Daemon, did you not tell them about me?" "I did. Boys, this is Serpent Love," "Oh. Well, we figured that the scream was you girls, so we came as quick as we could."
  2. **Daemon** I see who I guess is Abigail crying. "What's wrong, Abigail?" Michael asks, coming near her. "I... I wasn't.... want... wanted," she gasps, trying not to turn to tears again. She then explains what Serpent Love told her. Suddenly Michael kisses her, and Serpent Love and I turn away. But the girl named Carly squeals. "Awwwww…….! They're soo (several annoying and lovey-dovey words omitted) and adorable!!" Michael blushes and sits up. I chuckle... barely. "Aw," Serpent Love says very quietly. With powers that allow us protectors of the explorers (given to us when we accepted the job) we talk to each other telepathically. "I remember what that's like... loving a girl so much that I'd die for her. Actually, I'm going through it," I state. "With whom?" Serpent Love wonders. "A Guardian named Angelica." "I see." Out loud, Serpent Love says, "If we want to end the race, we've gotta get going." And we start out again.
  3. **Abigail** I feel ridiculous, but I'm still upset. My father..... my father. Didn't want me? I almost faint with the thought, but then I gasp. "Hadley, is that her?" I whisper.
  4. **Hadley** I see the woman who... injured me earlier. Abigail must've seen her too, because she whispers, "Hadley, is that her?" I nod. Serpent Love turns into... a giant rattlesnake? The woman backs away, but Serpent Love is too quick for her. She bites her, then turns back into a human. "Who are you?" she asks as the woman's hood falls off. "What's it matter to you?" the woman barks, sounding hoarse. "I could always bite you again," Serpent Love states, not noticing Carly doing a victory dance and cheering. The woman obviously sees, because she glares at Carly. Serpent Love's feet start joining, a clear sign she's turning into a snake again. "Alright! Alright! I'm a bounty hunter for Nadia Velasquez! Now lemme go!" the woman demands. Abigail turns pale. Nadia Velasquez was the woman who saw us off into the jungle. "What's your name?" Serpent Love asks, changing back into a human slowly. "Victoria Velasquez. Cousin of Nadia." Suddenly she jerks, throws Serpent Love off balance, jumps up, and rushes, with a knife, toward Abigail.
  5. **CLIFFHANGER!!!!***
  6. Tee-hee. I'm turning evil by making these cliffhangers, aren't I?
  7. Pizza or Tacos? (Sorry. Filling up space. And this has an effect.)
  8. Comment? (These last questions have no effect, from here to question ten.)
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