On That Starlit Night: Part One (Girls only, please.)

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Heya! Weirdhead's back with not just stories, but I made that picture. It got a little fuzzy, but if you can't tell, it's Reece and Becky. ghettobabe4ever, if you read this, this story is dedicated to you.

Shoutouts go to goodgirlo, ReeceButtercup, ghettobabe4ever, Ericat, and Houndlover. Thank you all so much for everything. Thank you. I'm crying over here out happiness and love for you all.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. Hey, I'm Reece Lexi Clemmons. I'm your normal, average, ninth-grade girl with black hair, brown eyes, and freckles. You would never have guessed what happened to me on one magical, beautiful, starlit night.
  2. We'll start our story on the week before. I was walking toward the school cafeteria, when someone shouted, "Reece!" I froze. Footsteps pounded behind me. I turned around and there was Becky. "Reece Clemmons, I swear, you've been ignoring me. I haven't seen you since the start of school!!" "Oh, Becky, I'm so sorry! I've been so focused on making that flute class that for the past week, that I haven't thought of it." Becky glared, then we both started laughing.
  3. I headed to the cafeteria and sat at our table from last year. "Where's Gavin?" asked Becky, referring to our other best friend. "Dentist." I stated, chewing on a sausage. "Aw. That's too bad," Becky says, eyes on her lettuce. I swallow and sing, "Becky and Gavin, sitting in a---" "Okay, okay!" she cuts me off, laughing. "Do you want the whole school to hear?" she asks. "Maybe.." I say with a mischievous grin.
  4. After lunch, I headed to gym. I changed in to my gym clothes and stood in line for rope climbing. When it was my turn, I climbed very slowly with everyone yelling at me. "All that's doing is making it more likely that I'll drop off the rope!" I thought, agitated. I made it to the top and slid off the rope onto solid ground. "Finally," I thought.
  5. I ran, panting, to change back into normal clothes. The rest of my classes flew by.
  6. I biked home, racing the bus and Becky, who lived right next to me. Just as I reached my house, I saw the bus roaring off and Becky on her front porch, smirking. "How? Wh-?" I asked, too tired to finish. "The bus takes a shortcut," she stated, grinning. I stared in admiration at my friend. She had long, wavy blonde hair and bright, sparkling green eyes, and clear skin. Her eyelashes were ultra long, and if a boy saw her and didn't fall madly in love, I would consider him crazy. "How do you become pretty?" I asked, leaning my bike against my porch. "Oh, Reece, you are pretty! You're gorgeous!" "Now you're kidding," I declared, climbing on her porch swing. "Yeah, I am." She burst out laughing at seeing my red, glaring face.
  7. "Fine, Buckskin Beck," I said, pulling out her dreaded nickname. "Have it your way." I strutted off, leaving Becky glaring. "Oh, you think you're so smart!" Becky yelled after me.
  8. CLIFFHANGER!! (Not at a horrible spot, for once.)
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