On That Starlit Night: Part Two (Girls Only)

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This picture came out in a bit better definition. Anyway, Ericat, and Houndlover, if you read this, you'll get a huge surprise. I love part two right now.

Shoutouts to goodgirlo for reading, ghettobabe4ever for everything, Ericat and Houndlover for existing. Thank you all so much!!!! I love you guys! *GROUP HUG*

Created by: Weirdhead
  1. I walked into my house and grinned. "Heya, honey!" my mom called. "Mom..?" I said. "Why are the lights not working?" My mom ignored the question. "Honey, there's someone waiting in your room for you." she declared, walking to the kitchen. I ran upstairs. There, sitting on my rocking chair, in my room, was Gavin. My heart melted.
  2. "Hey, Reece..." he said. "Sorry I missed school." He coughed. "I-I--," "Um, I've gotta go now."
  3. I headed downstairs again. "Ohmygosh," I said, seeing Becky and Gavin by the front door. "Uhm, hiya, Becky. C'mon in!!" I said. Gavin slipped past Becky and outside. Becky glared at me. "Okay, spill. What was that all about?" she asked, looking hurt. "Reece, I... I've never felt more angry in my life! You know I like him. So what's going on?" My hands went on her shoulders. "Becky. Calm down. Gavin was in my room and all he said was that he was sorry he missed school." "Okay. I guess I'm overreacting. Besides, the idea of you liking Gavin is absurd!" She burst out laughing, and I joined in with some effort. It wasn't that absurd. Because it was true.
  4. When Becky went home, it was evening. The stars twinkled, little birds snuggled with their mothers. Darkness covered the town like a blanket. Under the cover of this body guard, I silently ate my soup and went to my room. As I fell asleep, I let the darkness seep into my mind, allowing a complete takeover.
  5. The next morning I went to school, and spotted Erica and Kaitlin. They were my other friends, ones I relied on for feelings that might hurt Becky. They saw how exhausted I was, and came over to me. "You ok?" asked Erica. "Yeah. It's just.. I don't want to hurt Becky, you know that.. but I think I'm crushin' on the guy she likes." The girls looked at each other. "Who's that?" asked Kaitlin, looking sorry. "Gavin."
  6. Erica looked stricken. Kaitlin looked dazzled. "Erica likes him too!" Kaitlin said. I stood in shock. "What?" I breathed. Erica looked at the ground. "I just told her," she stated, looking slightly angry. "Erica," I said. "I-I.." I stopped. Why did I have to apologize? Why did I have to be the one who always said, "I'm sorry. If I'd only known.."? I didn't. And I wasn't going to. I turned around, making my skirt swish. I walked away. I wasn't going to say it. No way. I headed to my classroom and sat down, smoothing out my skirt. It was my favorite outfit. A dark pink medium-length skirt, with a lime green three-quarter sleeve shirt and lime green pumps. Usually the girls and I dress in similar outfits. Starting tomorrow, I wouldn't.
  7. Becky sat down next to me and waved. I gave her a nod. She looked puzzled. But there was no time to talk, class had started. Ten minutes into it, the was a knock at the door. A kid handed Mrs. Limeburst a note, then left at a nod. "Reece Clemmons," Mrs. Limeburst read. "The principal would like to see you now." I sat in shock. What had I done? "NOW." I stood up and walked out.
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