Caught in a lie: Part one

Hey people. First things first, if you haven't read the prologue yet, go do that first. Okay, done? Okie, good. So, this is basically just leading up to the action, so sorry if its not exciting enough.

Also, I'd like to give a shout-out to Weirdhead, Houndlover and Ericat, although none of them have commented on this series, they commented on my others, so thanks.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. *DING* Ryan: Hey Cassie. Cassie: Hey Ryan. What's up? :)*DING* Ryan: Nothin much. I was wondering.... Would you maybe like to meet up sometime? Before school starts? Cassie: Sure, when? *DING* Ryan: Today? Or tomorrow? Cassie: Either is fine. But I have to be back by six today. *DING* Ryan: Sure. Meet me at the Shabby Tabby Cafe at three? Cassie: Sure, cya then. *DING* Ryan: cya.
  2. Cassie nervously scurried about her house, curtains billowing wildly as she ran in anxious circles. " Oh gosh. What do I even wear!?" " Clothes." Robs voice floated into the master bedroom, his lips tugged upward into a smirk." Haha Rob, not funny." she growled through clenched teeth. " For real, Cass. Why are you panicking?" he asked. " Because! I met this guy online and --" " Guy online? Cass, are you online dating?" he asked.
  3. Her aquamarine blue eyes widened as she gave a slight shrug, her eyes avoiding his. " Cass! You can't do that! I mean, it's great you're meeting people, but does it have to be a guy?" he asked. " Do I sense some jealousy in your voice, Rob?" she teased dismissively, raking a small hand throw her tangled blonde curls. " Cassie! I'm serious. Don't do this."
  4. Falling back onto her bed, an aggravated sigh escaped her throat as burning tears welled up in her doll-like eyes. " Please, Rob. Just let me live my life. Unless you want to go and act like my prince charming, I suggest you just leave me be for now." " Cass, I'm sorry. I know you just want someone to love, but you're looking in all the wrong places." he sighed, flopping beside me on the bed, our hands barely brushing, yet it felt like a shock of electricity jolted throughout my body. " Cass, do you want to know why I really told Steven?" he asked, his hazel eyes fixed on me. " Yes."
  5. " I told Steven because I'm worried about you. I really like you Cass -- heck, I love you. But I can't stand to see you mentally and physically destroying yourself. It's killing me to see you hurt. They never loved you Cassie. Why are you doing this?" he asked. Resting a hand on her chest she could feel her heartbeat increase rapidly. Tears began to prick her porcelain skin as she flipped over onto her side to study him better, his body mirroring hers. " You.... You love me?" she whispered, watching his eyes fill with tears of his own. "You have no idea how much I love you, Cass. You're my everything and I can't lose you. Please don't treat yourself like trash. Everything about you is beautiful. Your face, your smile, your laugh -- even your personality. You're an amazing person."
  6. " If I'm such an amazing person," she sighed into his chest, letting her blonde curls loosely cascade over his bulky shoulders as they held each other tightly. " then why was I cursed with this? Why did they leave me? Why am I teased? Why can't anyone else see this amazing girl you do, Rob?" she sobbed. " It's gonna be okay, Cassie. Just let it out. The people who don't see the amazing girl you are, are obviously blind. You're an angel on earth. You're amazing. Do I need to turn on Bruno Mars just for you to see that?" he teased, tilting her chin up so he could look into her crystal eyes.
  7. " Thanks, Rob. You're the best." she cracked a small smile, giving his broad shoulder a small nudge. " You mean that?" " Of course I do. Rob, you're the only person who's ever done this much for me. Heck -- you're the only person who will talk to me after hearing my story." she smiled. " So, will you cancel that date and go with me to a movie instead?" he asked, a hopeful look covering his face. " Rob. It's not really a date. I'm just meeting some guy who's gonna be going to the same school as us this year." " Aw pooh," he pouted. " does he have a name?" " Ryan. Look, I promise I'll go to the movies with you tomorrow. Okay?" " Deal. I'm holding you to that, Grant." he grinned, pecking her cheek before walking over to her closet.
  8. " Here," he said, flinging a peach halter top and a pair of blue skinny jeans at me. " just don't let him know I helped you. It'd ruin my image. We can't have that." he winked, watching me scowl. " Wait outside the door." I huffed, giving him a hard shove out into the door before slamming the door shut.
  9. Slipping on the outfit he chose, I strode over to the dusty mirror hanging on the antique chest I bought some years back. A smile slowly slid onto my face as I noticed I actually looked pretty good -- for me, that is. I quickly tugged on a pair of lacey fishnet gloves to hide the scars on my wrists and opened the door to see Robs smiling face. " Cass... You look hot -- I mean, you look nice. What's up with the gloves though?" he asked, tugging at the left glove with a frown. " No!! Um... I just really like them." she protested, blushing as he gave a doubtful look. " You did it again, didn't you?" he said, yanking one off with a frown.
  10. His hazel eyes widened as he stared down at the bloody slashes lining my wrists, each one deeper than the last. Gently rubbing his index finger across them, he began to trace them with a sad sigh. " Cassie, you have to stop that. You're way too pretty to do that." " Rob.... just -- just get out! Leave! Go!" she screeched, rage boiling inside her as tears trickled down her cheeks. " Cass...." " I SAID GO!"
  11. Launching a vase in his direction, her blue eyes quickly narrowed as he made his way over to her and wrapped her in his muscular arms. " I love you, Cassandra." he whispered into her frizzy hair. Cassandra. He'd never called her that before and she loved the way it rolled off his tongue. " Rob.... I'm so scared." she sniveled, biting her bottom lip as tears silenty trailed across her cheeks, rolling down to her chin. " I'm scared too. Scared I'll lose you." he sighed.
  12. *DING* Cassie quickly swiveled around, her big blue eyes falling on her phone resting on the corner of her dresser. So close.... yet so far. *DING* Rob gave her a small nudge, motioning for her to check her messages. Doing as he wished, she caressed her phone in her palms, eyes widening immensely. Ryan: Did you forget about me?? Ryan: Hello?
  13. ICassie: Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I'm on my way! *DING* Ryan: No problem, I'll be waiting in the first booth, kay? Cassie: Okay, be there in ten.I. She quickly stuffed her phone in her back pocket, giving Rob an apologetic look. " I have to go, but I'll see you later?" " Yeah. Just... be careful, Cass. I don't really trust this guy." he muttered, giving her one last hug before walking outside.
  14. *** Twenty minutes later***My eyes slowly wandered about the Shabby Tabby Cafe as I searched for Ryan, my eyes landing on him. " Cassie! Over here." He called. That's odd. I never showed him a picture of me. Oh well. " Hi." I grinned shyly, taking a seat across from him, the booth squelching loudly as I did. " So, what would you like to drink? Mocha? Latte? Cappuccino?" " A Mocha would be nice." she smiled, offering to get it herself, yet he insisted on doing it. ' What a gentleman' she thought to herself.
  15. After a minute or two, he finally sauntered back to the table, a small smile plastered on his face as he sat the mocha in front of me. " Thanks." I said, clutching the cup close to my chest as I took a slow sip. " No problem. So, tell me a little about yourself." he insisted, taking my hand in his as he led me out into the parking lot.
  16. The howling wind nipped at her skin as they walked around aimlessly. " Well, I like the color black, I love cats, I'm considered an emo -- though I prefer being known as misunderstood-- and I love Mocha's." she hinted, raising her plastic cup with a wink. " Shoulda known," he grinned, his eyes slowly wandering around nervously. " how are you feeling?" he asked. " Well, I'm fine I guess. Though I do feel a little faint.... oh my.... and that headache." she groaned, tossing a hand over her forehead as she leaned forward.
  17. Collapsing into a heap on the pavement, she watched as he knelt down in front of her, tipping her chin up with his index finger. " Hey, don't worry. Everyone feels like this the first couple of times." he smirked. " Did you..." " Drug your coffee? Yeah. Don't worry, princess." his voice echoed into her head, slowly fading away as she lost consciousness.

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