Top ten: of the most embarrassing things to happen to me

Hey people. First off, I'd like to give the credit for this idea to Weirdhead, who made a quiz like this. Second thing, all of this is true (super embarrassing, but true)

Okie, so, since I have to fill up space anyway.... One time, at Target, this cashier tried to get me to talk to them ( I'm antisocial at times) and I freaked out and tossed my mocha at them. R. I. P. Mr. Mocha :(

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. #10: When I was ten years old, my cousin had a birthday party. I had to use the restroom, like, really bad, but the restroom was occupied. Well, my cousin didn't know, and he snuck up and scared me half to death. Jeez, he literally made me pee my pants. But the worse part was that my pants were white, so... *blushes in embarrassment *
  2. #9: When I was thirteen, I used to almost pass out when I would go to Walmart. One time, I was standing in the checkout line, waiting, and there was this guy in a suit standing in front of me. I puked on the back of their pants, and they started to yell at me. Turns out, my vision was all messed up, and it was a lady in a pink dress. Oops lol
  3. #8: One time, I was at Walmart, and there was this boy wearing one of those animal mask things. I have a huge fear of people in costumes, so when I spotted him, I squealed and began to shove my aunt across the store so I could get away from him. Apparently he had nothing better to do, so he continued to follow me. At one point, he tapped my shoulder, and when I saw him, I kicked him in the crotch. Turns out he was my best friend. *blushes *
  4. #7: One time, I went to the public pool, and I decided I wanted to go into the deep end. I swear, I made it halfway there, before nearly drowning. The friggin life guard wouldn't help me, cuz she was busy playing on her phone, so this guy ( who resembled a grizzly bear) had to help me. Gosh, turns out the water was only four feet deep. I'm five foot ten. When I got out, I walked over to the life guard, tapped her on the shoulder and said " Hoe." then I gave her the middle finger and walked out.
  5. #6: when I was nine, there was this guy in my class who used to like me back in kindergarten, so when he asked me out in the fourth grade, I said okay. Turns out, he was the player type, and thought he could go out with another girl at the same time. ( or so I thought) so, when I spotted them hugging, I cussed him out and dumped him. Turns out it was his sister.
  6. #5: When I first started middle school, I used to get really lost, so I'd lie to the older kids and act like I just started going to school there. It worked for five months, until I accidentally saw one of the same kids. Jeez, lemme just tell you, those kids can run faaasssttt. I cussed them out cuz one of them hit me xD
  7. #4: On my first day of eighth grade, I accidentally walked into the guys restroom. I seriously almost died when I spotted a guy using it.... I was like..... Tomato sauce red. Jeez, let's just say, we both screamed like girls, I took off running, he spotted me out in the hall, and now we're best friends. Gosh that was embarrassing lol
  8. #3: In the fifth grade, there was this kid who liked me and I accidentally didn't know that.... When he asked me out, I began to laugh hysterically, cuz we were best friends and I thought he was joking..... He started to cry and then he transferred schools. I was like.... Jeez, I'm sorry but..... Did ya have to be so dramatic? Then, In the seventh grade, I saw him. Man, those moments when you regret turning someone down xD
  9. #2: One time, I went to this funeral, and me and my bff were playing a game and I randomly turmed to face the old lady in front of me and said " You're next" apparently she thought i meant she next one to die....LOL she started scolding me for like, half an hour on how to treat elders.
  10. #1: When I started highschool ( yes, I'm still in highschool) I kept accidentally bumping into random people. Well, this one guy in the lunchroom (bless his soul) I accidentally tripped over someone's foot and fell face-first into his nachos. Instead of being mad, he started to freakin bawl and I was like..... Oopsies. Yeah, I ended up buying him new nachos, but turns out he just wanted to throw them at me. Never mess with a jock and his nachos xD

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