Embarrassing dares !

This quiz is full of embarrassing dares which you should complete of you're really cool. This is the first of many quizzes I hope you enjoy it and leave a good rating!

Are you bored? NOT ANYMORE! This quiz will entertain both you and whoever you are participatin with ( for about 5 minutes! ) I hope you enjoy this quiz and test your will power!

Created by: Zak Stevenson

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  1. Are you ready for some embarrassing dares!?
  2. Put an ice cub down your underwear and wait for it melt!
  3. Put unusual things down your undies. ( ketchup, mustard, whipped cream, water, etc.)
  4. Give yourself a painful wedgie!
  5. If you need the toilet, put tissue down your underwear and let loose. If not, put as many pairs of underwear as possible on your head.
  6. Try on your siblings clothes! Or parents if you're an only child!
  7. Remove one article of clothing.
  8. Complete the quiz in nothing but your underwear
  9. Go outside and sit on a cold surface with you butt naked
  10. Do a 30 second striptease.
  11. Did you enjoy this quiz? Should I make another!

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