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Can you take dares? Can you take some dares? Can you not take ANY dares? Take this quiz to find out! Now I am stalling because I need 150 words before I can go to the next result! =)

If you can take some dares, then you are easy going. If you take all of them, then I encourage you to not do them all. Some could be bad! But, if you can't do any, then I suggest you change yourself!

Created by: hoggywog

  1. Your friend dares you to do go up and knock on a random door and talk with a british accent. You say,
  2. Your friend dares you to go up and kiss a pole, you say,
  3. someone dares you to text somebody random that you love them, you say,
  4. Somebody dares you to go up to the neighbors wild dog and cuddle it, you say,
  5. Somebody dares you to go up to a police man and say, "Stop dressing up like a police man! It's not Hallowen yet!" You say,
  6. Your friend dares you to dress up like a dog, and go sniff another dog's bottom, you say,
  7. Your friend dares you to do a belly smack jumping off of a diving board, you say,
  8. Your friend dares you to go up and poke somebody with the shirt on that says, "Poke Me" you,
  9. Somebody dares you to go into in the bathroom and flush the toilet, then come back out. You say,
  10. For my last dare, I dare YOU to take my other quizzes!

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