i made this quiz fast

take this quiz if you dare. are you a risk taker? dare to dare. if you can get a high score on this quiz, I will really, I mean REALLY like you. tell me if you do good.

are you a genius? take this quiz and see how you do. why are you still reading this? you didn't even have to read this in the first place. honestly, this will be of no use to you. why am I still writing this? take the quiz already!!

Created by: coolme3
  1. why are you doing that?
  2. I'm watching you.
  3. do you like me?
  4. this may be a very random quiz
  5. guess what band I'm listening to
  6. what do you call the rubber stretchy circle things ?
  7. what do you use the things in the last question for?
  8. I actually didn't make this quiz fast
  9. I actually made part of this quiz and then I didn't finish it until I started working on it a different day
  10. this question won't affect your score
  11. haha that last question actually did affect your score
  12. there will be one more question after this one
  13. last one

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