Magic and Malfoy, Potions and Potter

Hi! this is my first serise quiz so it might not be so good. I wrote it quite fast so sorry for any spelling mistakes and stuff. Im quite slow at typing so I dont know when the next one will be out.

This quiz is based on the books not the films. Your characters past is a bit of a Mystery you will find out more if you stick to the serise. There isnt much love and adventures in this part as its only the intro. I might add a few more Guy options in to the next part. Please comment and rate!

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  1. As you walk through the busy train station you think about the task that you were set. 'It shouldnt be too hard' you said to yourself at the time it wasnt exactly the hardest task you had ever had. You thought about the people you had to find, where were they anyway? Hopefully you would find them on the train.You puzzle for a minuit about how you were going to introduce yourself to a bunch of people you knew better than anyone else but they had never heard of you. Suddenly you arive at the entrance to platform 9 3/4. With a deep breath you run through the brick wall finding yourself on the colourful platform where the the hogwarts express is waiting. You try to plaster a confused smile across your face so it looks like you had never done that before, in reality you had lost count of the number of times you had passed through that gateway. You have no one to say goodbye to so without anouther thought you pull your heavy trunk and owl cage onto the train.
  2. Finally you find a carrige with a space in it, Inside there are 2 girls and 3 boys all your age. You open the door and look down at them, "Can I sit here?" you ask no one in particullar. "Only if your a pure blood!" barked a short tuff looking boy in the corner. These must be the future slytherins. "Pure as any decent person" how were they to know you wernt talking about your blood. As you sit down you ask "so names?". The girls introduce themselves as Pansy and Millicent and the first two boys call themselves gregory and Vincent, The last boy just stares. He has blonde hair and a scowl. "I have never met a pure blood who isnt eager to share his name before." you say with a smile. His scowl deepens but he seems to decide you are no threat as he says "Draco Malfoy. And you are?" so this is Malfoy "I'm ________" he glances up at your face before looking away. You cant help wondering if he liked your face. You are pretty with chocolate brown hair and purple eyes.
  3. Your new 'friends' talk for a while but you arn't really listening your too busy thinking about the houses. Griffindor would let you be closest to your target but in Slytherin more people would understand you. Maybe Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw would be better as you would be able to get close to both the slytherins and Griffindors.
  4. "_______!" "ahhhh! what?" you said at your name after waking up. "The food carts here do you want anything?" you recognised the voice now, it was Pansy. "Um... Sure" you said yawning. You get up and walk over to the lady and the cart she was pushing filled with sweets and so many other tasty things. "Anything of the trolly dear?" the lady asked. "Um yeah can I have a large bag of liquorice wands please!" you handed over the money and took the bag from the old lady. Draco (who was sitting beside you) looked down at the bag "you seem to like those" he indicated the bag "Yeah they are my favourites" you replied "I've always liked them ever since the first started selling them... to me" oops almost slipped there, maybe i've been doing this too long. Mind you its not like I have a choice. Draco gave you an odd look but said nothing more. You talked to Milicent for a while but soon you had to go get changed. You, Pansy and Milicent got up and decided to go change in the bathroom while the boys would stay there. After getting to the bathroom you realise you forgot your shoes so start heading back to the compartment. When you get there you find it empty all the boys had gone and by the looks of their uniform spread out across the chairs they wern't yet changed either. You decide to go looking for them and you didnt have to go far. All three of them were standing outside a compartment Gregory Goyle was yowling and holding his finger. "Whats going on?" you asked with a worried expression "Oh _______ its you well we were... we were just..." Draco replied looking sheepish. "Making enemys already?" you asked with a mocking smile "Um no just... Talking!" he said then ran of with his friends.
  5. Turning around you smile at the 2 boys in that carrige. "Sorry about that" you say. The boys just stare at you. "Um... is there something wrong, your staring at me wierdly?" you ask. You look at the two boys, 1 has jet black hair and glasses while the other was a red hed with freckles all over his face. "Its nothing" the guy with glasses said "its just that he looked really scared of you." "Scared? Of me?" You started to panic, had he worked it all out? You weren't scary unless people knew about your past. You look back up at the boys thats when you notice who they are. You try to keep your expression the same as you look at the faces of Harry Potter and Ron Weasly, after all they had no idea who you were. "Im ________ by the way! Who are you?" "Ron Weasly, Im a nobody I mean compared to him im just... never mind" Ron said he seemed to be stumbling on his words a bit but Ron was supposed to be like that, shy and loyal. "Harry, Harry Potter." Harry said, he was more confident but still looked a little worried. "Well bye then, I have to go get changed so see you later" and with that you walked off.
  6. The rest of the journey seems to only last a couple of minuits even though you know it was much longer. Other than the Harry, Ron, Draco and the the others you met no one else. Before you know it your at hogsmede train station following a very large man through the crowds of people. Finally you make it out of the crowd and down to the edge of a very familier lake. As you looked around people stared and pointed to the silhouette of a castle. Hogwarts, you loved it here every time you came it made you feel happy. "No more'n four to a boat!" the man you were following shouted. You stumbled through the dark towards a mouldy wooden boat. The three other people who followed you looked nervous, you had never seen them before.
  7. "FORWARD!" the giant called and with a lurch the fleet of rotten wood set off. The boats moved silently across the black lake towards a rocky cliff face where a curtain of ivy hung across the door of a passageway that lead into the castle. You ducked your head ready to pass into the tunnel. The others in your boat looked at you in a strange way. Then the Man called for every one to duck. The tunnel was dark and horrible but you were use to these type of places by now.
  8. As you reached a small underground harbour you clambered out of the boat. "Its like an underground beach!" one of the girls in your boat murmered, there were small stones scattering the ground. Scrambling up the rocky slope you thought about which house you should be in, you decide reluctantlly. You were pulled out of your deep thoughts by a cry of "Trevor!" turning around you saw a boy run up to Hagrid holding out his hands for a toad. Everyone was laughing at him. He was quite short with dark brown hair and eyes, you couldnt help but feel sorry for him. The crowd of people started drifting forward, following you entered the warm dry tunnel made out of rock. Reaching the castle door you watch the intense excitement on everybodies faces. "Everyone here?" Hagrid said "You there, sill got yer toad?" With a brief look around the crowd he raised his fist and knocked on the door.
  9. As the door opened you saw proffesor McGonagall, It wasnt the first time you'd seen her. She looked down at you with a stern look on her face as she had a brief conversation with Hagrid. She lead you into the entrance hall. looking at the faces of your new class mates you tried to remember what you were feeling the first time you saw this. A wave of nostalgia passed over you as you thought back to the times when you used to enjoy your adventures. As you walked into a small chamber with the other first years Proffessor McGonagall made a short speach probablly explaining how this was going to work. Not really listening you prepared your mental barrirer, you were quite good at hiding and faking emotions. Normally with people you wouldnt have to be so careful but the sorting hat could reveal all her seacrets so easilly. The sorting hat knew you from before of corse, that was one thing you couldnt hide; who you were. Suddenly everyone screamed, it took you a while to notice McGonagall had left and been replaced by about twenty ghosts in deep conversation. suddenly they looked down at you all "I say, what are you all doing here?" one asked. Slowlly you shuffled to the back of the crowd as the ghosts kept talking. You were a bit scared of ghosts, well you wernt scared of ghosts in themselves as they were friendly but wether they recognised you or not. If one did well that was me out the job.
  10. The ghosts had drifted out without questioning you so you prepared you self for what was to come. McGonagall walked back in and told you all to get in a line and follow her into the hall. Walking back through the entrance hall and through a pair of double doors into the great hall. All eyes were on the line of new comers. Slowly you walked up so you were infront of the teachers table. Your eyes flicked to a puple turban. You suppressed a grin, this was too easy. Proffessor McGonagall placed a battered hat on a stool. It opened its rip like mouth and began to sing. You had long since decided not to find meaning in the words. The houses may have different qualities but they were all the same to you. The hall burst into applause. McGonagall then started calling out the names of students in alphbetical order. You listened to "Abbott, Hannah" get sorted into "HUFFLEPUFF" and before you knew it your name was being called of the list "_______ _______" Proffessor McGonagall called. You walked to the hat slowly with a look of fear on your face but inside you were smiling. 'Hello sorting hat old friend!' you thought to the hat as you shoved it onto your head. (when words are inbetween *s it means a thought from sombody else inside your head) *_______! why I havn't seen you in ages!* 'I know Ive been abroad. I trust you kept our deal while I was gone?' *Do you even have to ask I am perfectly trustworthey!* 'I have to check just incase' *So what house this time?* 'I think... Slytherin' *really? ok then if you say so* The sorting hat was about to shout it out but quickly you thought 'WAIT!' *No need to shout! what is it?* 'Just wanted to say bye and say I enjoyed your song this year!' *Thank you! Bye then _______ see you next time!* 'Bye!' Without a seconds hesitation the sorting hat shouted "SLYTHERIN" at the top of its voice removing the hat you got up and went to sit down with the other Slytherins. 'This is going to be a long year' you thought.

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