See how much u know Draco Malfoy

Are u the greatest Draco Malfoy fan? See if your the greatest Harry potter fan of all time. Try to take over this quiz as a death eater.I am, are you?

Take this quiz like a pro. You wouldn't feel like a loser if you get this quiz right. Thanks to me,I made this quiz so u crazy fans can waste your life.

Created by: Depressed 07
  1. Who plays Draco Malfoy in all Harry Potter movies?
  2. In real life, is he married?
  3. How old was this actor when he started being in Harry Potter films?
  4. What house is he in?
  5. Does he die in the films?
  6. How tall is he?
  7. Does he become a death eater?
  8. If he is a death eater, is he Voldemort's favorite?
  9. What color hair does he have in real life?
  10. Did u enjoy this quiz?

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