A Hogwarts Love Triangle Part 3

This is a moving love story between a Ravenclaw and Slytherin. (Draco and you) It's a love triangle, though, because you have a lot of boys that like you.

You are a nice, protective, and slightly sassy Ravenclaw. Draco Malfoy is a bratty, protective, and confusing Slytherin. You'll see a different side of everyone, but this is a really sweet story. :)

Created by: NicoleMS
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  1. Hello there peoples of Earth!! LOL Welcome to Part 3 of A Hogwarts Love Story.
  2. So please comment, rate, and tell me any suggestions you may have. Thanks!!
  3. Enjoy!!
  4. Recap: You smile and nod, before helping him on the potion...
  5. So after classes you meet up with Harry outside. He asks you about your first day back and you of his. Then after a little while you realize he's standing really close while you walk. And his hand is very close to touching yours. Your reaction?
  6. In the end you take his hand and you both stroll around and chat. You realize it's 6:30 though, so you get ready to say you have to go when Harry starts saying, "So, um, _______, I wanted to know if you would like to come to my Quidditch practice tomorrow?" He says. Reaction?
  7. In the end you decide to except his offer. Before you leave, however, what do you do?
  8. Harry looks shocked at what you did(not anything like harmful curses!) and you wave goodbye before heading off to the lake. You check your watch, which shows that it is 10 of 7. But you notice a certain blonde cutie sitting in the tree beside the lake. "Hey!" You announce and he looks up. Draco smirks his famous smirk and jumps down. "Hey." He greets. You walk over and sit by his feet. "So what's this all about?" You ask, while he sits beside you. "I wanted to know if you would come with me t-" "_______?!" A boy's voice exclaims. You turn around and see Ron standing there with his wand in his hand. "Ron!" "What are you doing to her?" Ron accuses Draco. Draco stands and laughs. "Nothing that matter's to you, Weasel-Bee." You give him a look for saying that. "Ron he's not hurting me, we're just talking." Ron looks shocked and then hurt. "Really?" He asks. You nod. He puts away his wand and sighs. "Okay then." He replies. You notice how dark it is all of a sudden however. "Um, guys, how did it get dark so quickly?" You ask nervously. Then suddenly everything around you gets cold. The grass turns white, the lake starts freezing up, and black creatures come out of the sky. "Dementors!!!" You scream and run. Ron grabs your hand and the three of you head for the castle. Professor Lupin comes out with Harry, Hermione, and probably half the school on his tail. "Expecto-PETRONUM!!!" He hollers. Suddenly a white light comes out of his wand and all of the dementors start going away. "_______, are you okay?!" Harry exclaims and runs over to you. He holds you in his arms and glares at Draco over your shoulder. "I'm fine." You say and he releases you. His hands are on your shoulders and there's hardly a half foot between you. You:
  9. The next morning you Divination again. Professor Trelawney predicts that Harry will die after getting what he wants, and he looks at you in a weird way.
  10. When she predicts your future she says she sees danger. You roll your eyes and go along with it. *Later* The next few hours drag on slowly, but finally the end of your day's classes are over. So you go up to your room in Ravenclaw and change into your favorite outfit, which is:
  11. You meet Harry on the field in the outfit you chose. "Hey _______!" He greets you. You smile and hug him. "Hey Harry." Then you notice a really tall and kind of handsome boy walk over. "Harry, practice is starting." Then he notices you. "Hello, I'm Oliver Wood, Gryfinndor Quidditch Captain." He holds out his hand, which you take. "_______ __________, average Hogwarts third year." You both laugh and Harry and Oliver start their practice. You go over and sit next to Ron in the stands. "Hey." He says when you sit. "Hey Ron, what's up?" You ask. "Quidditch players, the sky, clouds..." You both laugh.
  12. Well, that's it! It was finally longer, so I hope you appreciated that :) Part 4 will be up tomorrow most likely.

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