A Hogwarts Love Triangle

This is a moving love story between a Ravenclaw and Slytherin. (Draco and you) It's a love triangle, though, because you have a lot of boys that like you.

You are a nice, protective, and slightly sassy Ravenclaw. Draco Malfoy is a bratty, protective, and confusing Slytherin. You'll see a different side of everyone, but this is a really sweet story. :)

Created by: Nicole
  1. Hi, my name's Nicole and I'm new at this. lol However I am a writer and big fan of the Harry Potter series so I believe you'll enjoy my Quiz-Story.
  2. Please comment and rate, and any suggestions you might have, please tell me!! Thanks! :)
  3. It's almost the beginning of your 3rd year at Hogwarts and you are...
  4. "_______ dear, time for breakfast!" Mrs. Weasley calls from downstairs. You yawn and get out of bed, lumping downstairs to the kitchen. "Good morning sweetheart." Mrs. Weasley greets you. "Good morning, ma'am." You reply and sit at the table. On your right Hermione is reading Hogwarts: A History, and on your left Fred has just sat down, and he passes a note to George.
  5. You talk to Hermione about her book for a minute before the eggs and bacon appear on everyone's plates. "Mmm, thanks Mrs. Weasley!" Hermione says. "Yeah, thanks Mum!" Ron says with a full mouth. You laugh and Mrs. Weasley smiles kindly at you two before scolding Ron for talking with a full mouth. "So, _______, are you excited for Hogwarts?" Fred asks. "Yeah, I-" "Freddie, don't bother the poor girl while she's eating." Mr. Weasley jokes. You laugh lightly and notice Harry at the end of the table next to him. "Harry, your awfully quiet." Hermione states. "Something on your mind?" "Nah, I'm fine thanks. And lovely meal Mrs. Weasley, thank you." He says. "Oh, it's nothing dear."
  6. After breakfast you and Harry go outside to practice spells. "Okay, so pretend I'm about to jinx you. What spell do you use to disarm me?" Harry quizzes. "Uh, expelliarmus?" "Right! So use it on me." I pull out my wand and point it at him. "Expelliarmus!" Suddenly Harry's wand goes flying out of his hand and hits the ground about 10 feet from him. "Great job." He says and grabs his wand. You laugh and thank him.
  7. Well, this is all I have so far. The next one, (A Hogwarts Love Triangle Part 2) will be taking place At Hogwarts, don't worry. And it will be longer. Fair warning, Draco is going to be mentioned a lot.
  8. Please please please please please please please please please please please etc. comment and rate and write any suggestions.
  9. what else can i put?! i dont feel like putting in at least 12 questions!! lol
  10. Byee!!

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