Magic and Malfoy, Potions and Potter (Part 2)

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So this is part 2! Once again sorry for spelling mistakes and stuff! I just want to thank GTQ users 'Bluebird' and 'spotty dinosaur' as their HP quizzes inspired me to do this!

Sorry Harry isn't really in this one very much as I couldnt find a place for him to fit in. I have now added Ron and Neville in as results but if there are any more HP guys you want to see on here soon then please comment! Some will come in later though! Enjoy it!

Created by: a random person

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  1. What happened last time: You get on the hogwarts express and meet the slytherins, you buy liquorice wands and stop Draco Malfoy from getting in a fight, You meet Harry and Ron, you ride the boats across the lake with Hagrid and go into a room in hogwarts, you hide from some ghosts then after a chat with the sorting hat you get sorted into Slytherin! so continuing...
  2. Your eyes flutter open. 'Where am I!' you think suddenly starting to panic. You were in a round room lying on a four poster bed with silvery curtains. 'Hogwarts... Slytherin... yes I remember' Calming down quickly. Pulling back the curtains which were as soft as silk you looked around. Judging by the light shining through the windows it must be about 5 in the morning. Breakfast wouldnt be ready for at least anouther hour and a half so sliding of the bed you went to your trunk. It was still neat and orginised. You ran your finger along the spines of your books. before pulling out fantastic beasts an where to find them. As quietly as you could you shut the trunk and tip toed out the room before settling down in the common room and reading the book by the green light. You were on page 58 by the time the next person came into the room. You were reading about the Nundu (M.O.M. Classification: XXXXX This east African beast is arguably the most dangerous in the world. A gigantic leopard that moves silently despite its size and whose breath causes disease virulent enough to eliminate entire villages, it has never yet been subdued by fewer than a hundred skilled wizards working together.) as you looked up to see who came in you saw it was Draco Malfoy. He had obviously just got up as his hair wasnt yet gelled back and he wasnt yet in his uniform. "Hey!" you said brightly "oh, hi" he said in reply "I didnt think anyone would be awake yet" you silently prayed that your hair wasnt too messy. "What time do the start serving breakfast?" you asked him. "around 7 I think" he said glancing at the clock behind you "not for anouther half an hour!" you groaned. Draco sat down next to you on the large plump leather sofa. "Im glad you got in slytherin" he said shyly "Yea me too" after that your conversation just flowed. You talked about everything apart from your lives at home, both of you were steering away from that subject. eventually Pansy came down from your dorm so you decided it must be time to go to breakfast walking down with your friends you sat down at the long Slytherin house table.
  3. Breakfast was amazing. You chatted with pansy as you ate a breakfast of toast and pumpkin juice. Pansy turned out to be quite nice, she told you about how she only bullied to keep her reputation and impress her parents. Halfway through the meal the post owls flew down. Your, Ripple, flew down. She was a beautiful mix of colours no feather was alike so she looked a bit spotty. She had a letter clasped in her beak. Her large Amber eyes stared up at you. "Well done Ripple!" you said stroking her smooth feathers. You took the letter before grabbing a sausage off one of the many plates and handing it to her a second eagle owl also brought you a newspaper. After paying the owl you glanced at Draco his owl had also brought him mail. He seemed to have a whole Parcel full of sweets. "Do your parents think your going to starve or something?" you giggled "My mother gets a bit carried away" he scowled. 'oops! I seem to have hit a nerve!' then a slytherin prefect came up to you and handed you a timetable.
  4. Your first lesson of the day was Charms, as you walked in slightly late with Pansy Professor Flitwick told you to go sit down. It turned out ou were the last people to come into the room so all but two seats were taken. One of the seats was next to The boy who had lost his toad yesterday, the other was inbetween Vincent Crabbe and a sandy haired Griffendor. "Ill take toad boy, you go next to Crabbe" you whispered in Pansy's ear. "Really? thanks!" she replied. As you sat down next to the boy you looked around the room hoping to see familiar faces. Harry and Ron were on the opposite side of the classroom next to the sandy haired boy. "Hi!" you said to the boy next to you "Um... hi" he said blushing back he seemed unable to meet your eye. "Im ________ _______, who are you then?" he was looking more freaked out by the minuit. "Neville" he mumbled "Do you have a surname?" you asked "Longbottom, its Neville longbottom" he squeaked "Well Hello Neville Longbottom its good to meet you" you then turned your attention to Flitwick, He was taking the register. After he had finished he started to tell you about what you would learn this year and explaining how these lessons would work. Towards the end of the lesson he started showing you some basic wand movements. You went along with the rest of the class enjoying yourself as it was so easy, Neville was struggling though. Their was a girl on his other side who mastered it pretty quickly aswell. She had big teeth and Bushy brown hair. She showed him how to do it before striking up a conversation with you. Her name turned out to be hermione, a soon to be part of your task. Being a muggle born it had been hard to find pictures of her so you didn't recognise her immediatly. By the end of the lesson she seemed to like you and you liked her but their was one problem. Long ago you had made a promise to yourself not to get attached to your targets, it just makes everything harder.
  5. The next 2 lessons (transfiguration and history of magic) went by without event. Your last lesson of the day was Herbology. You had always like the herbology greenhouses, they looked so wild and as you stepped through the door it was like going back int time. The smell in the greenhouse was also nice, it smelt of earth and herbs. Your teacher was called Proffesor Sprout she seemed cheery, she was quite a new teacher so you had never met her before. She told you that you would be trimming the Flitterbloom seedlings today in pairs. You were about to partner up with Millicent when Proffesor sprout cried "not so fast! I am going to pair you up I think. Lets have each Griffindor with a slytherin" You glanced around no one seemed that happy about this arrangment. She went around the class partnering you up. "Miss._______ I think you should partner up with Mr. Weasly over there" She said pointing at a familier red head. "Hey Ron" you said walking over "Hey" he said quietly "You ok? you look a bit worried?" "Im fine..." Ron turned around and picked up a pair of deadly looking headge trimmers, he set to work ignoing you. Picking up a pair to you stood next to him and started to trim. "Ron why wont you talk to me? you talked to me yesterday on the train" "Yea well you wern't a Slytherin then" "What! you think that makes a difference to who I am?" "It does" he said sadly "No Slytherin is a friend of mine" you were angry but you didnt say anything instead you just carried on trimming in silence.
  6. After your awkward Herbology lesson with Ron it was the end of lessons for the day. As you walked back down towards the dungeons with Pansy and Millicent you told them about it. "... and then he said that no slytherin could be his friend!" you finished with a sigh. "Well thats his own problem" said Millicent "but I think its something more than your house thats making him behave like that!" Pansy added with a smirk. "Me too" Millicent replied giggling. "What?" you asked totally confused 'what else could it be?' you thought. "Not telling!" Millicent said, "Me neither!" Pansy joined in. "Oh come on! tell me! Its about me afterall!" you shouted after them as they started to run off down the corridor. You quickened your pace and started running after them. You finally caught up after them when you reached the damp stone wall that concealled the common room. "Got you!" you said cornering them. "Thats not fair! we dont know the password!" Millicent yelled still laughing her head off "Well tough tell me and Ill let you in!" you said with mock anger. "Fine!" Pansy said after a moments pause, "We'll tell you in the common room later!". "Promise?" you asked dubiously "Promise" they said in unison. "Let us in then!" Pansy said. "Um... to be honest I was lying to make you give in; I dont remember the password either" you giggled, with a sigh Millicent said"looks like we're in for a long wait"
  7. After dinner you, Pansy, Millicent (who had just given you permission to call her Millie) and your two other room mates Daphne and Tracey sat on the floor in a circle in the center of the dorm. After quickly filling them in on the story you waited for their verdict. "Right so what me and Pansy thought is that he, as in Weasly, might have a crush on you" Millie said quickly "What!?!" you yellped flopping over backwards "Thats exactlly what I thought!" Daphne gasped. "This cant be happening! Not two in one day!" You moaned. "WHAT!?!" it was their turn to yelp "Who?" Tracey questioned wide eyed. "Well you know the boy with the toad yesterday? His names Neville and he was behaving in a really similar way!" you said sitting back up "Wow" Pansy giggled "and they're both Griffendors!" Suddenly there was a quick, loud tap on the door, It opened to reveal a sleepy looking prefect. "Hey guy" she said yawning "could you please keep it down were trying to sleep" "Sorry" you all hurried into bed. You needed some time to think anyway.
  8. ~DREAM~ You were running down a corridor away from a giant leopard! It was a Nundu you remember reading about them earlier. Inside its large mouth it held a letter addressed to you. Its silent footsteps coming ever closer. "NO!" your dreamself screamed as the Nundu reached out with its front paw and knocked you over. Placing the letter in your lap it turned around and walked away. Sitting up you slip open the letter Inside there was a love note it read "Dear _______ I have been meaning to say this for a while to but I think I might like you as more than a friend. I was wondering if some time we could meet up? signed..." You hesitated before the last word covering it with your thumb. Taking a deep breath you slowly withdrew your thumb. At that moment you dropped the letter, you were dizzy and felt like you were about to throw up. Falling to the floor you remembered how the Nundu's breath carried illnesses and the letter had been in its mouth the whole time. Gasping for breath you tried to reach for the letter but it was useless, it was just out of your reach. Your last thought before you closed your eyes was that you would never know... never know which boy loved you.
  9. Sitting bolt upright you looked around, bed... thats were you were... safe. It had been a long time since you had had a dream like that. You knew it was impossible, especially for you. You tried to breath then you realised how dry your mouth was. Reaching for the glass of water on your bed side table you looked down. What you saw shocked you so much that you dropped the glass spilling the cool liquid across your bed and jumped backwards almost toppeling of the edge of your bed. It was the letter. You swore crawling back into a comfortable position. 'Of corse! The letter Ripple brought to me this morning!' you remembered. Picking it up you unrolled the fresh parchment. Even from a glance you could tell it was no love letter. Relectantly you began to read "You picked Slytherin, I hope you know what your doing." There was no signature but automatically, you knew who it was from.
  10. !!!!!CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Iknow its not a good one but I want to end it there. I have added Ron and Neville in as Results but if there are any other guys you want to be in it Please comment! Tune in for the next one!

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