How close do you pay attention to the Harry Potter Books?

Do YOU like harry potter? do YOU think you belong in Ravenclaw. are you worthy of hermione granger, or do you need her help to finish your potions essay. this quiz will help you find out.

mind you, though, this quizzes on things in all seven books, so there are spoilers. oh yeah, this could be a lot more difficult then it is, so if your completley lost, find your way back to the Hufflepuffs where you belong.

Created by: E-Ryanne

  1. What came first, the pheonix or the flame?
  2. which of the following qoutes was said by Fred Weasly?
  3. Which of the following quotes was NOT said by Ron Weasley?
  4. why exactly is it unpleasnt to have a ghost lean through you?
  5. when Ron failed his apperation test, what did he leave behind?
  6. ___ presents his comliments to professor snape, and begs him to keep his abnormaly large nose out of other peoples business! ____ agrees with _____ and would like to add that snape is an ugly git ____ would like to register his astonishment that an
  7. what flies into your head and makes your brain go fuzzy?
  8. Ron defends Hermione almost countless times in series. which of these DID NOT happen in the SECOND book?
  9. Ron says he can't destroy the locket. what is his reasoning?
  10. Harrys kids are______?
  11. Harry smells Treacle Tart, Broomstick Handle, and a Flowery smell in the Amortentia love potion. what is the flowery sent?
  12. when does it beacome obvious to HP readers that Harry likes Ginny, even though he refuses to admit it.
  13. Mr. Dursley takes a fondness for which auror?
  14. Fred died with a smile on his face. why?
  15. The Potters, thats right, their son, Harry. this was heard by mister dursly when?

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Quiz topic: How close do I pay attention to the Harry Potter Books?