There are a lot of Hermiones out there, but are you one of them? Take this quiz to find out if you really are a genius like Hermione Granger.... Wand ready?

WAIT!!! Have you read the books carefully, have you seen all the movies?? This is essential, but book's will only take you so far here. You need a great memory, a clever mind, and your friends to help you through this Harry Potter extreme

Created by: Clara Silversmith
  1. When is Harry Potter's birthday?
  2. When is Ron Weasely's birthday?
  3. In what month is Hermione Granger's birthday?
  4. When Harry uses the Pensieve to go into Snape's memory in Book 7, what are Lily and Petunia doing when he first gets there?
  5. What was the "Flaw in the plan" that Dumbledore talks about in Book 5 when he is about to tell Harry why Voldemort tried to kill him as a baby?
  6. If Dumbledore had not ran into this particular flaw, what would not have happened?
  7. How many rolls of parchment did Snape, when substituting for Lupin in Book 3, want on werewolves?
  8. What was the first spell performed in front of Harry when he was eleven in the first movie?
  9. What did Ron try to do to Scabbers on the train in the first movie?
  10. Who gave Hagrid Norbert?
  11. Did Ron's Dad ever go to Askaban?
  12. Who suggested that the Potters use a Fidelius Charm?
  13. Professor Trelawney made how many real predictions?
  14. Who was happy about Dolores Umbridge being at Hogwarts?

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