Where Harry Potter Fans Can See If They Are Worthy

Not all Harry Potter lovers are worthy of being true Harry Potter fan. They just think that they like Harry Potter but they don't know much about it. Some pretend to be obsessed, but when they're talking to themselves, they're saying, "So what? It's just a movie about some British dude with a scar! Get over it, even if the books and movies are good." But the fans that are worthy have a whole nother language.

Are YOU worthy of being a true Harry Potter fan? Are YOU obsessed with Harry Potter? Do YOU know the answer to a few Harry Potter questions? Will YOU answer like a worthy fan? Well, right now, it's time to find out!

Created by: DragonzEye
  1. What would you do if a friend bad-mouthed Harry Potter?
  2. You visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and....
  3. You have seen more than one of the movies.
  4. Mudbloods are...
  5. Green apples are...
  6. Pretend you're a good guy and you see Voldemort. What happens???
  7. Now you can be a bad guy. You see Harry Potter, and what do you do?
  8. Now enough seeing how obsessed you are. What was the first thing Harry ever said in all of the movies??
  9. What two known languages can Harry speak?
  10. What is Ron's first girlfirend's name?
  11. In which book does Dumbledore die?
  12. What type of pet does Hermione have?

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