Are You A Total Harry Potter Fan

Many people believe that they are Harry Potter fans, but they are very very wrong. You have to not only watch the movies but also read the books. Now your thinkin' that your going to prove me wrong.

What about you? Take this quiz and find out what you get, then you can say that you have proven me wrong. Just wait and see what you get. This quiz is hard for the wanna-be fans.

Created by: Rachel
  1. What platform was the Hogwarts Express on?
  2. In HP 1 how did Proffeser Snape help protect the stone?
  3. In HP 1 how does Harry defeat Lord Voldemort?
  4. In HP 2 how does Harry escape the Dursleys.
  5. How does Harry find out that he is a Parseltounge?
  6. In HP 2 how does the memory of Voldemort die.
  7. In HP 3 which movie workers changed from 1&2?
  8. What is a Hippogriff?
  9. How do Harry and Hermione save Sirius Black?
  10. Who are Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs? In that order.
  11. What is a penscene?
  12. Who tricked everyone into thinking he was Mad-Eye Moody?
  13. When is the movie release date to theaters?
  14. Why does Harry go to the Black Mansion?
  15. Who dies and how does he/she.
  16. When does the 7th book come out.
  17. When does the 7th book come out.
  18. When does the 7th book come out.

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