Super mega creepy hard HARRY POTTER QUIZ!!

Hey, do you know harry potter! HAve you tried my VEry HArd HArry Potter quiz and still thought that is a breeze? SAME. I'll bet you don't know all of the secrets in this test!

In this test 2 percent is amazing! In this test the best have failed! No one has got 100 percent but me! Can you do it! It is not at all easy, and you will fail, almost definitely, where everyone else did! Can you proove me wrong?

Created by: Issy

  1. Who is Ludo Bagmans brother?
  2. In which year did Ollivianders ancestors start making wands?
  3. How many inches long was Lucius MAlfoys wand?
  4. Which of the tales of Beedle the Bard was never re created by Beatrix Bloxam?
  5. In the Quidditch world cup, attended by the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione, who was the beater who supported Lynch on the Victory lap
  6. In which year was the CHudley Cannons motto changed from WE SHALL CONQUER to LETS JUST KEEP OUR FINGERS CROSSED AND HOPE FOR THE BEST
  7. Who took the other half of the photo which HArry took from Sirius's bedroom
  8. Was Elphias Doge. .
  9. Which company used Horton-Keitch Braking Charm on their products?
  10. What was Luna Lovegoods famous Purple Quill made out of?

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