What type of mind do you have?

This quiz is to tell you which mind type you have. Some are magical and mystic, some are logical and mathematical and others are plain crazy! By answering the questions truthfully, you unlock your powers, whatever they may be, and can learn to harness them.

What ever result unfolds for you, do not be offended. It is in no way reality, and is to be taken, not as advice, but as a friendly tease. Do not take a result to heart, for I cannot know and almost certainly don't. On a totally different note, try one of my other quizzes, also by Issy. These are Super mega creepy hard HARRY POTTER QUIZ!!, Very hard Harry Potter quiz!, and many more in the making! If you see a quiz by Issy, take a look, it might be mine! Hope you like whatever result you get!

Created by: Issy

  1. You have a favourite chair in your living room. Someone has moved it, whilst you were at work. When do you know?
  2. Have you ever seen a ghost or contacted the spirit world?
  3. Choose a prime colour and give a reason for it.
  4. How much do you rely on intuition?
  5. How often do you feel that people do not understand you?
  6. Do you know what question number thirteen is going to be?
  7. Do you believe in fate, and destiny?
  8. Which character portrays you best . . . .
  9. Do you think that you are
  10. Why did you take my quiz?

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Quiz topic: What type of mind do I have?