What Type of Mind do you consist of?

many people walk through life without knowing the outcome of this quiz if they took it, those people are lucky. But don't take it personaly. If you have you're lucky to because you just saved your life. You never know, in the time you can take this quiz you might want to all of a sudden kill yourself, but you were to preoccupied and never did.

Are a person? Do you have a mind? Are you real and original and not a clone? Do you have character? If your answer is yes to all of them, you should take this quiz!!

Created by: christin
  1. Which animal doesn't belong Frog-Mice-Hamster
  2. Which could join the list that follows?? Hammer, Nail, Screw Driver.
  3. Finish the ryme... Roses are red, violets are blue...
  4. If every Bot is a Dot, and every dot is a mot, then...
  5. If Jane has 4 colored marbles in her hand, which will you choose... 1. The blue sparkly one 2. The old black one 3. None 4. The perfectly spherical one
  6. If I say; Happy, you say...
  7. It's Who Wants to be a Millionare...this 20th century film was released in 1995. You chose (All are in 1995)
  8. 294, 346, 412 or 900
  9. The year 1504, 1776, 100 or 3380?
  10. Which do you consider more valuable?
  11. Which day: 26th of February 2009, 20th of March 2009, 12th of April 2009, 1st of January 2009
  12. Your guess for amount of questions after this one.

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Quiz topic: What Type of Mind do I consist of?