Whats your true personality like????

There are Many people out ther confused about their real personality..some may think that they are Happy go lucky but are stubborn and ruthless...Its ok not knowing your personality believe me I didn't know myself..knowing your personality takes time and Really knowing yourself well!

Don't know your personality traits? Thinking you're a Happy person when your grumpy? Take the new and Real! Personality quiz.This is no gimmick I have put in a lot of research and finding into my small&short test! Try it and find out!

Created by: Annie666
  1. An ugly girl/boy asks you out! How do you react to the situation???
  2. Its your birthday and your best friend buys you a jeans that you always wanted..but its white and you wanted blue black denim! What do you do???
  3. Colour?
  4. Emotion?
  5. Birthday Month?
  6. No effect! Is this quiz acceptable to you likings?
  7. Your soooo sexy!!!
  8. Goodbye!!
  9. Ok I lied...Two more questions!..When you woke up this morning what's the first thing you felt?
  10. In the afternoons after a lonnngg days of hardwork...or whatever. How do you Feel?
  11. I may have made few spelling and grammer mistakes...that's cause I'm in a rush to try this shid!! OUT!!!!SORRY!!!!

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Quiz topic: Whats my true personality like????