What Colour Is Your Personality?

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People may often ask you to describe yourself. Not sure who you are? Not to worry, take this quiz and all you doubting problems will be solved.You personality will be matched to a colour that's most suitable.So take the quiz and find out who you are...

Not sure who you are? Take this quiz and find your true colour personality in brief in this fun, easy, creative quiz. You won't regret it! Trust me,you won't!

Created by: Leah
  1. Choose your favourite?
  2. Where would you visit for a day out?
  3. Choose one you would wear?
  4. You usually dream...
  5. What is your favourite weather?
  6. What genre story would you rather read?
  7. Choose one you'd like to eat out of these...
  8. Which flower do you like most?
  9. You'd rather watch...
  10. Which means the most to you?
  11. Choose a song...
  12. What saying do you usually live by?

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Quiz topic: What Colour Is my Personality?