What colour personality are you?

Everybody has a colour to describe their personality. Each individual colour represents someone. That's how we can group ourselves together. for examaple, you'll often find a yellow person very happy.

What colour are YOU? Don't you want to find out? This new quiz will decide for you. With the most advanced questions yet, this quiz will most definitely discover your inside colour.

Created by: Lauren C
  1. You're sitting in your room alone. You decide it's a perfect opportunity to day dream. What do you dream about?
  2. A boy/girl, a shy boy/girl that is, builds up the courage to tell you about their feelings for you. They happen not to be the prettiest of people. What do you do?
  3. You're mum enters your room and starts cleaning up the mess you've made. What do you say?
  4. You wake up in the morning refreshed from your good night's sleep. What weather would you like to see when you open your blinds?
  5. You have the chance to write about the perfect future you want. What do you write?
  6. You have to work in a flower shop for a day to help out a relative. A woman comes in and asks for you to prepare a bouquet full of only one type of flower. Which flower would you choose?
  7. You are given a ticket which entitles you to do anything you want to do on one particular day. What would you do?
  8. You see a person being abused by bullies. The bullies may be older than you but that doesn't mean you have to walk on by. What actions do you take?
  9. If you could have any item in the world, what would it be?
  10. Do you like cheese?

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Quiz topic: What colour personality am I?