will i think your hot? (for guys)

Okay well this is just a quiz to see how hott you are to me according to the questions, most of them are on looks like eye colour and hair colour and style but some are on personality like how nice you are and how funny people think you are.

Well, what are you waiting for? take the quiz now and find out how hot i would really think you aree. maybe i can get to know you as well. dont forget to tell me if you liked it or not and rate and comment. ( i know its probably not too good but anyways..)

Created by: qazzy1
  1. What type of music do you like?
  2. Whats your hair colour?
  3. Whats your hair style?
  4. What colour are your eyes?
  5. Whould you genrally say your nice? (tell the truth..)
  6. Whats your clothing style?
  7. Do you and your friends think that your funny?
  8. What would you prefer to do?
  9. Are you shy?
  10. Whould you be friends with me?
  11. Okay, last question. How do you think you scored?

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Quiz topic: Will i think my hot? (for guys)