Do you have good taste in celebritie guys??

Therem are many hot celebrities out there and we know who is and who isnt so if you dont like our selection well then you fail and should stick to the guys at your school or your brothers friends

Do you think you have goood taste in celebrity guys?? then you should take this test to see if you are correct or not??? we have selected some hot guys and some not. do you think you can tell the difference well then try

Created by: Beach_Babes:)
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which celebrity out of these three?
  2. which one????
  3. Which one??
  4. Which one??
  5. WHich is more important for hot celebrities???
  6. Whats your favourtie colour??
  7. Whats your favourtie breed of dog??
  8. where would you take your celebrity boyfriend on a date?
  9. where would yuo go on your hooneymoon with your celebrity boyfriend?
  10. Which one is the hottest??

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Quiz topic: Do I have good taste in celebritie guys??