do you have good taste in music ?

there are many fans of music but relativley few fans of good music in fact they are so few and far between i doubt many people will get above 80% on this (sorry to blow my own trumpet here)excellent quiz

the moment of truth approaches when YOU will know whether you have a good taste in music so step forth brave contrstant and prepare to meet your fate! mwahaha!

Created by: marin sparklehorse

  1. which instrument is best?
  2. which of these actually has any talent?
  3. which music do u listen to most?
  4. do you think that chris brown is cool
  5. what is the best vocal?
  6. what is your opinion on david bowie?
  7. is einstein a monkey?
  8. would the theory of anarchy work?
  9. modern rap is the only music worth listening to
  10. is retro rock like led zeppelin and jimi hendrix and cream any good?
  11. final question what does QOTSA stand for?

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Quiz topic: Do I have good taste in music ?