What celebritiy guy is right for you?

There are many celebrity hotties out there, we have picked our top 3, which one is most suited to your likings. if you dont like our top 3 then you have no taste in hot guys,if these guys arent right for you, maybe you should stick with the guys from school

Take this quiz to find out which celebrity guy is right for you!! in a few moments your find out the celebrity most suited to you, and which one you should have in your life. this quiz is great fun adn quick vote this quiz top marks please as we made a lot of effort into it

Created by: megan/ella
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which one would you prefer to be?
  2. What is your height?
  3. do you have a brother or sister?
  4. whats your favourite food?
  5. whats your favourite movies/tv show?
  6. what is your favourite colour
  7. what would be the qulaities your looking for in a perfect boyfriend?
  8. whats your fav type of guy?
  9. if you were in a movie/tv show what type would you want to be in?
  10. whats your favourite animal out of these?

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