Does he like you or is he just friendly?

Well, hi guys! It's MoMo here, bringing you a new off-the-chart-quiz!!! I have to stop that. I feel like a news reporter XD. Anyway, have you been wondering lately if the cute guy in your English class might just ask you out? I know I have!

This quiz will (hopefully) tell you if he's a just a flirt or if he's a forever one!!! Also, keep in mind that this is just a simple quiz. If this says no, but your gut says yes, then by all means, GO FOR IT!!! Side note- This quiz is only for straight girls and gay guys. Not being discriminatory, but this is mostly suited to male behavior, not female.

Created by: Mo-MoTheFox_xoxo

  1. Does he ever pass you notes in class?
  2. Does he stare at you, you notice him, and he looks away quickly, blushing??
  3. How often do you guys talk, and what do you talk about?
  4. When you talk, does he make eye contact?
  5. Does he ever just randomly smile at you?
  6. How many classes do you have together?
  7. Does he laugh at your stupid jokes?
  8. Do you have any friends in common?
  9. Do you guys text or call each other on the phone a lot?
  10. How does he greet you?
  11. Does he ever call you beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, etc.?
  12. When he's with you and his friends notice, what do they do?
  13. Has he ever tried to hold your hand, touch your shoulder, etc.?
  14. Does he ever wear special cologne (or any cologne) for you?
  15. Does he have a girlfriend?
  16. Is he ever mean to you?
  17. Last, but DEFINITELY not you THINK he likes you?

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