Who (in my class) would be your Valentine?

There are alot of romantic people in my class but out of these four only two are kinda romantic. I hope you like the quiz! If you don't I'm sorry. But thats not my fault. I tried to make it fun, but whatever.

Which one is right for you? The nerd, the awkward tall guy, the funny cute and nice guy, or the nerd? You will find out if you take this quiz! I hope you like it!

Created by: Me

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  1. There is a sport going on, you have homework, or your friends brought Pokemon cards.
  2. A guy looks at you and smiles. He is a jock. Another guy is watching you, the nerd. The awkward guy is watching at you. So is the Nice cute guy. Why do you wave at?
  3. Abcdefghij....
  4. I'm bored I'm gonna go play football(I'm a girl, think thats weird?)
  5. Who is George Washington
  6. Did you like this quiz?
  7. I wanna play soccer
  8. Is Lol: Low On Lies, Lied On Laws, or, Love On Low
  9. 1f y0u g3t l00% th3n y0u sh0u1d b3 4b13 t0 r34d th1s.
  10. Good bye! I hope you liked the quiz! If you didn't then leave. Goodbye

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Quiz topic: Who (in my class) would be my Valentine?