my quiz is just a bit of fun i dont want anyone to get wound up about it after all it is a bit of fun. if you do get worked up remeber no body is perfect exspecially about CELEBRITIES unless you are a CELEBRITIE! which is very unlikely so dont get worked up have fun and try your best bye good look!

Are You really good at things to new with singers and celebrities try your best i hope you get 16 at least you have got that much but i know you will do better than that i understand you might not be good but you just try and you will be good at it!!! b e good i know that you will!

Created by: Emily
  1. Name A WAG!
  2. Name a Footballer!
  3. Which is the person with a dog called Tinkerbell
  4. Who is the singer that sings a song called Alfie?
  5. What singer sings the song Girlfriend
  6. Which singer sings Grace kelly
  7. What Colour is lily allens hair?
  8. Is Mika an?
  9. What is Mary-Kate Olsens Sister called?
  10. Who is david wag?
  11. Who is david wag?

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