What Is Your True Colour?

There are many different colours in this world and many different personality traits tied into them. Although you may love alot of different colours in this world, only one can be your TRUE COLOR.

Colour is everywhere in this world. Trees are green, and the sky is blue. But which one colour shows your true self? Black? Pink? Blue? Purple? Red? Or one of the many other colours in this world? Take this quiz to find out now.

Created by: Meli33a
  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. What colour do you wear most often?
  3. What colour is your room?
  4. What colour are your eyes?
  5. What colour are your eyes?
  6. What colour is your favourite bra/underwear?
  7. What colour is your hair?
  8. What colour is most comforting to you?
  9. What colour inspires you the most?
  10. What colour attracks to you most?

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Quiz topic: What Is my True Colour?